Saturday, August 18, 2007

lets catch up

Alright, sorry guys... i've been a little pre-occupied with life.
and my computer hasn't been working... so since last night, it's been getting fixed, and everything is looking okay.

Well, i've been hanging out with gavin, as usual... and everything is still amazing as ever with us.
Me and Alexcia have been hanging out too, and its looking bright for us too.. i think we are going to the circus tomorrow! haha, that should be tons of fun... I am stoked to ride the elephant! haha.

As the days pass, i'm getting more and more excited for highschool! Even though I am at the bottom of the totem pole... i'm just excited to meet a whole bunch of people, and new teachers! And the good thing is, i have sweet teachers this year, (so i hear). I'm excited for the types of things to start that they have there. Like, photography! I am soo excited for that! And hopefully... I'll make the cheerleading team. (fingers are crossed on that one).

but, im going to bed. I'll keep you updated on my life.

-Live your life.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

morning without sleep.

it's 3:58 in the morning right now.

I haven't gone to bed.

I dont really want to, because i'm talking to gavin, and i cant say goodbye, and theres no point because i'll be up all night thinking of him. hehe.

Well, tonight was pretty funny actually.. heres the story..

Me, Gavin, Garrett, Bo and Alexcia were at mcneil, and it started down pouring and hailing and stuff, so we had to book it to bo's, and then i took all my makeup off . and left it off.. and i had to change to bo's pants, haha because mine were drenched! and then we went to gavin and garretts for a bit.. it was pretty fun though.

Holy.. i'm drinking this rasberry juice and it's sooooo good! omg. haha

Well, i'm off.. because i'm babysitting two kids tomorrow, and I have no idea what time at. : hope it's not early. (that may be good to know)

I'll keep you updated like always..

-Live your life; kate

Friday, August 10, 2007

another night.

haha, alright.
well, tonight was a blast!
Alexcia and I went to Bo's house to meet up with Gavin<3,>

HAHA. so when it was time for our ride home back to alexcia's dads in the SOUTHEND (which the driver wasn't aware of where it was, lmao:) we got home (an hour late) and the key wouldn't work. So we were locked out for a good amount of time, finally, I being the genius, haha.... got the key to work. phewww.

So, that was my night.
haha, pretty fun i'd say.

anyways, nothing has really changed in my life.
so im peacing..

Live Your Life- kate

p.s: i love gavin mallette.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

another day.


well, i guess ill start off by introducing myself.
I'm Kate. I live with my mom, and little sister Hailey. They are everything to me.

I have the greatest friends in the world. some of which, are:

and Gavin.

I have a boyfriend, and its been a month and a day. I love him.
His name is Gavin. It's kindof wierd because he has a twin brother, and they are identical.
Some of my friends obsess over that. And better yet, him.

But, i must admit, that would be pretty sweet if one of my friends dated my boyfriends twin.

i'm 13, thanks to the late birthday, (december)

I'm 5'1, grade 9, brown hair, green eyes.

Enough about me, unless your a stalker, im sure thats all you need to know.

Oh, did I tell you.. i'm in love with the most amazing person ever?:)

Today was pretty fun. I got to see one of my bff's Alexcia, and my hubby, Gavin.
Tonight though.. was a different story.

here's the story of my dad.

I met him when i was 10. visited him 2 times in B.C, (where he lives) annd i met my whole other family there, including 2 sisters and a brother. when i was 12, he stopped talking to me because he found out that I had a boyfriend. My dad is very religious and sticks to what he believes, which is a great thing, but I didnt grow up with him, and believe everything he does. (not my fault)
so, i keep this memory box from when i went to see him, stuffed with pictures and letters, and birthday cards, and everything you can imagine that reminds me of him. I love my dad. but sometimes i get really emotional because of the fact that we dont talk any more. i miss my dad.

so, tonight has been crying, depressing, and boring.
but, thankfully i have incredible people in my life to help me get through that.
Thank you God.

Well, right now.. im sitting in bed, doing all of this on my friends lap top, and shes beside me, sleeping. im sure of it.

Anyways, im pretty tired of typing.. so ill keep ya'll informed with whats going on tomorrow.. another day of my life.

Live Your Life--- Kate