Saturday, August 11, 2007

morning without sleep.

it's 3:58 in the morning right now.

I haven't gone to bed.

I dont really want to, because i'm talking to gavin, and i cant say goodbye, and theres no point because i'll be up all night thinking of him. hehe.

Well, tonight was pretty funny actually.. heres the story..

Me, Gavin, Garrett, Bo and Alexcia were at mcneil, and it started down pouring and hailing and stuff, so we had to book it to bo's, and then i took all my makeup off . and left it off.. and i had to change to bo's pants, haha because mine were drenched! and then we went to gavin and garretts for a bit.. it was pretty fun though.

Holy.. i'm drinking this rasberry juice and it's sooooo good! omg. haha

Well, i'm off.. because i'm babysitting two kids tomorrow, and I have no idea what time at. : hope it's not early. (that may be good to know)

I'll keep you updated like always..

-Live your life; kate

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