Friday, August 10, 2007

another night.

haha, alright.
well, tonight was a blast!
Alexcia and I went to Bo's house to meet up with Gavin<3,>

HAHA. so when it was time for our ride home back to alexcia's dads in the SOUTHEND (which the driver wasn't aware of where it was, lmao:) we got home (an hour late) and the key wouldn't work. So we were locked out for a good amount of time, finally, I being the genius, haha.... got the key to work. phewww.

So, that was my night.
haha, pretty fun i'd say.

anyways, nothing has really changed in my life.
so im peacing..

Live Your Life- kate

p.s: i love gavin mallette.

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this is me said...

Hey! wow that was a fun night! it was so funny when we were locked out i was about to cry! hholyy!

keep me updated:)