Saturday, August 18, 2007

lets catch up

Alright, sorry guys... i've been a little pre-occupied with life.
and my computer hasn't been working... so since last night, it's been getting fixed, and everything is looking okay.

Well, i've been hanging out with gavin, as usual... and everything is still amazing as ever with us.
Me and Alexcia have been hanging out too, and its looking bright for us too.. i think we are going to the circus tomorrow! haha, that should be tons of fun... I am stoked to ride the elephant! haha.

As the days pass, i'm getting more and more excited for highschool! Even though I am at the bottom of the totem pole... i'm just excited to meet a whole bunch of people, and new teachers! And the good thing is, i have sweet teachers this year, (so i hear). I'm excited for the types of things to start that they have there. Like, photography! I am soo excited for that! And hopefully... I'll make the cheerleading team. (fingers are crossed on that one).

but, im going to bed. I'll keep you updated on my life.

-Live your life.

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